Package details for RxVigilance, essential version and RxPhotosID

Enjoy the complementary nature of our two flagship products to enhance your user experience.

You can access the essential features of the Web version of RxVigilance and those of RxPhotosID from the same platform.

  • User-friendly search by commercial name, DIN, active ingredient or appearance in a database of over 50,000 photos of pills and packaging
  • 1,600 monographs updated monthly
  • Drug information sheets and tables for professionals
  • Analysis of a patient’s pharmacological profile (light version, according to nine criteria):
    • age, breastfeeding, allergies, atypical associations, duplications, pregnancy, renal impairment, interactions, cumulative toxicity
  • Pediatric dosage calculation tool

Note that the application offered on the App Store is a limited version that is not offered in this package

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